Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Youth Lead the Way

Urban Sprouts' Summer Program at the Garden for the Environment is in full swing! We have more youth at work than ever before - 8 high school youth are leading the program for 18 middle school youth. We adults can now sit back and watch them go . . . The two youth Garden Managers set up and run all the gardening activities, and the rest of the youth staff and participants show off their cooking talents, gardening knowledge, and general ecological role model-ness daily. We are so impressed!

If only the whole world would follow the example of these amazing young people -- in their community-mindedness, their dedication to caring for the environment, and their desire to make the world a better place! Plus, this group of actors and comedians has me tearing up with laughter every day. Who can ask for more! A special shout out to our inspiring youth staff members Anthony, Augie, Jessica, Julius, Lupe, Michael, Sophia and Walter!

More photos HERE and HERE!!

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