Monday, July 06, 2009

Message from the Youth

This year in the Summer Program we've taken our curriculum to the next level -- more interactivity and almost no sitting still! We've turned group discussions into opportunities for creativity, drama, music, and lots of role-playing to practice sharing what we learn here with our friends and family at home.

Today, youth taught each other about the 3 R's (reuse, reduce, recycle) through different written formats, which they then performed dramatically!

The crowd-favorite team (the Pink Panthers) composed a love letter to a garbage collector. (That's "Oscar" in the foreground reacting to his letter, as "Cordelia" reads aloud to the audience what she has written.)

Dearest Oscar (The Grouch),

My love, it is with great sadness that I write you this. Despite the beautiful times we shared, when I would bring you my empty chip bags and old DVDs, it is time our affair came to a close. Much as I adore you, I'm due to marry the head of the recycling plant next week. And the truth is, he lives a cleaner, more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Don't take this the wrong way. The times we shared will never be replaced. It's not you baby, it's the waste.

Always yours truly,
Cordelia Compost

P.S. Please don't be grouchy.

The runner-up team (Yellow Canaries) wrote a text message conversation between a Plastic Bottle and the Ocean:

PB: What's up, Pacific?
W: Nutn much, Geyser.
PB: Guess what?
W: What! What? What?
PB: Some dude drank ma stuff! I'm hella mad! Can I get a refill?
W: Na bruh! U and ur friends wrecked ma house last time u came. U ain't welcome here no more.
PB: Not even! That was Aquafina!
W: It don't matter ur all the same!
PB: Fine I'll go talk to Atlantic! Meany!
W: Deuces!

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