Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read up on the State of Urban Sprouts

At our recent Garden Brunch fundraising event, we unveiled our plans for the coming year, and how, during this time of growing interest in school and urban gardens, we will share our expertise in garden-based education with more students, parents, and schools.

Read the address here. An excerpt:
We’ve gathered you all here at a time when economic crisis affects us all, whether you or your loved ones have experienced job loss, retirement dreams cut short, or belt-tightening in the household budget, even affecting your day to day food choices. Today, as we look for hope, comfort and meaning, we have a great opportunity to share the power in the simple act of gardening. Victory Gardens kept our country healthy and hopeful during early 20th century wartime and Depression, and our children grew 40% of our country’s produce right in their own school gardens.

With this inspiration, this year Urban Sprouts has launched a brand new program, our Family Farmers-in-Residence program. Read more here -->

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Join our Summer Program 2009

We are accepting applications for our 2009 Summer Program at the Garden for the Environment!

Middle and high school students living in San Francisco, CLICK HERE for more information and to download applications.

Volunteers, read here, too! We'd love your help!