Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Name a Chicken Contest!

The Urban Sprouts chicken coop at June Jordan School for Equity is completed and the lovely hens are doing well! However our hens remain nameless. We are inviting you, our reader, to submit names for the birds. Just submit your suggested names in the comments. At the beginning of the Fall 2008 school year, students in the Urban Sprouts Food Systems class will select the winning names. We even have little prizes for those whose name have been selected.

Pictures of the hens to be named have been provided below for inspiration. Urban Sprouts would like to thank the many people that helped implement the chicken coop! A big thank you goes to those nailed, drilled, sawed, climbed, carried,
balanced, and dug to make it happen: Reggie, Juan Carlos, JJSE students and teachers, Isadora, Kevin and the Google Serve group! Thank you!!

Breed: Cuckoo Maran; Likes: spending early mornings looking for grubs

Breed: Plymouth Barred Rock; Likes: imperiously watching other hens from the perch

Breed: Blue Andalusian; Likes: dancing and singing into the wee hours

Breed: Araucana; Likes: running in open spaces

Breed: Silver Laced Wyandotte; Likes: having her picture taken...and cooked rice


Miss Grace said...

One of those chickens should be named Roscoe. We keep chickens at my house, and we've only named one over the past 30+ years that my parents have kept them (Annabel, who had to be rescued from her mother and nursed back to health in our living room).
We met briefly at Blogher this weekend, and I think your project is AMAZING.

Lisa C said...

I kind of like the name "Flash" for the silvery Blue Andalusian. Don't ask me why.

Colin said...

This is a really cool contest. I think the first one, the Cuckoo Maran, looks like a real digger, So I'd name him Mulch.

BTW, I gave a shout out to your group and your contest from my PIC Current blog at

Thanks for the work your doing.