Thursday, May 24, 2007

Students' Salad at School Lunch!

Students at Excelsior Middle School and Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in San Francisco enjoyed delicious, fresh, organic salads at school lunch this week!

The salad above, grown completely in the EMS garden, shows the variety of veggies that went into these salads. Students added 6 kinds of lettuce, carrots, beets, fava leaves, fennel, mint, borage flowers, onions and more!

Students harvested, prepared and served the salad during school lunch in the cafeteria at both schools. The EMS salad came entirely from the garden - students swarmed the table and it was gone in seconds! The MLK salad was supplemented by a big 5 pound box of organic salad greens from a local farm - the students finished the entire 5 pounds, all topped with healthy dressing the students made themselves.

A big leap forward for kids eating fresh veggies at lunch!

Let's see the students in action along the way. After the harvest, students prepared the salads at EMS:

And served it in the cafeteria, with the help of wonderful Urban Sprouts volunteers:
At MLK, students prepared special salad dressings from scratch:
and served over 5 pounds of salad to the entire student body!
Students, teachers, and staff had fun, felt proud of their accomplishments, and enjoyed a fresh and healthy meal. Yum!