Monday, October 12, 2009

Composting at Ida B. Wells

Students at Ida B. Wells are beginning to see themselves as part of the nutrient cycle. Rather than throwing out all food wastes, we're taking discarded scraps from the school's cooking class and returning them back to the earth in the form of compost.

Last month, Mr. Hannon's class, our volunteers, and Urban Sprouts intern, Kevin, pitched in to build compost bins at Ida B. Wells. Instead of buying all new materials for the bins, we decided to recycle wooden pallets, which are usually tossed out after only one use.

We sat down to cut up compost materials the following week to speed up the decomposition process. We have yet to reach the 3' x 3' x 3' volume needed to really get our pile going, but we're slowly adding yard waste from our garden and organic food scraps from the Ida B. Wells kitchen. In the end, we hope to harvest compost to enrich our soil and help our garden flourish!


Seattle Planners Network said...

That is tight! Nice work. Have you been able to integrate any of this work directly into classroom benchmarks? An effort to create a comprehensive composting, food production, and nutrition system has been a school board MISS for decades. Good work!

Gina Davis said...

Wonderful job! And hats off to you! (and into the compost pile if they are organic!) Let us know when you need waste can liners that are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable! We have been providing schools and waste management companies with our liners which helps make the collection of compost materials easier and cleaner! We offer everything from 2 gallon counter top sized bags up to 96 gallon container sized liners! (of course, every size in between too!) What a great place to begin composting, in the schools so that the youth can carry this lesson on to their adulthood, BRAVO! High Desert Earth Products