Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Farmer-in-Residence Update

Our 4 Farmer-in-Residence families are off to a tremendous start. We have harvested mustards and lettuce, the squash are blossoming and we're about ready to begin trellising our cucumbers. Work will begin in the next few weeks on new beds at ISA and June Jordan as we prepare to expand our program to incorporate more families.
More Photos.

If you are interested in helping with any of the expansion projects please contact


Abby RJ said...

Beautiful photo!

Marlyse & Renée said...

As a Farmer-in-Residence family at ISA (International Studies Academy) we wanted to thank Urban Sprouts and especially Audrey for her strong support, efforts and patient with us. We harvested mustard (cleans you out way better than Wasabi), lettuce and beans and we can't wait for our tomatoes to be ripe. Our flowers are beautiful too. What an awesome gift you gave us with your program - THANK YOU so very much!!

Marlyse & Renée, Farmer-in-Residence family at ISA