Monday, January 26, 2009

Enjoy Peace Cake!

Oakland's own Mariposa Baking let us know that we are one of the organizations they have chosen to receive support from sales of their Peace Cakes! Mariposa says:
Mariposa's apple spice peace cake was inspired by "war cakes" which were created during WWII when eggs and other commodities were rationed yet people still ways to bake cakes without standard cake ingredients.

We wanted to create a gluten-free vegan cake, which also meant developing a delicious recipe with non-traditional ingredients. We call it a peace cake because a portion of sales goes towards organizations that improve our communities.
Thank you for thinking of us! Yum!

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maya said...

thx abby for the info, i'll be in oakland starting march so i'll check this place and cake out :-)

you're doing a wonderful thing with the school gardens; best wishes for 2009 and the years to come. i'd love to visit one of the garden if possible...are gardens open to public? how to volunteer?