Friday, October 10, 2008

Youth Teaching Peers to Compost

Urban Sprouts partnered with our friends at Garden for the Environment to lead workshops at Breaking Ground: the Urban Gardening Youth Conference on Saturday, Sept 27th.

The event was held in San Francisco's Mission district and attended by youth from high schools all over the Bay Area! Workshop topics included green jobs, composting, gardening, green building, food systems, and even a bike ride to urban gardens all over the Mission! And the day ended with delicious Mission Pies.

Urban Sprouts' own Walter Pan, a student from our in-class and summer programs, co-led a workshop on composting and vermiculture (worm composting). I'll let Walter tell you about it himself:
Hi, I’m one of the volunteers in this activity. It was really fun getting to teach others about composting. Composting is very important but what I realized in my school was that very few knew about compost. And knowing that other schools care about composting makes me feel well. The crowd and weather was really nice that day as a result there’s this festival-like feeling.

A big Thank You to Walter, all the conference organizers, and to Nicole from the GFE for making our workshops happen!

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Tiffany said...

I saw some educational composting and vermiculture supplies at Composters. It's really great to teach kids how to do this at a young age and give them an appreciation for just how much they can do for the planet they live on.