Thursday, September 18, 2008

Community is a Verb

Yesterday was quite a day for Urban Sprouts staff. For some the day started before 8AM and ended well after 9PM. We were immersed in the education and community connection around our gardens. We had parent meetings to plan family gardens in order to bring healthy fresh and organic produce to the homes of our students. We were teaching rare and precious lessons about food systems. We were attending Back to School Night as part of the community that surrounds each child to help them succeed in a system that truly seems designed to work against that aim.

In honor of the hard work, dedication and passion that was witnessed in a single day, Urban Sprouts would like to share the video Community is a Verb:


Suzi said...

Thank you, Urban Sprouts, for sharing this video! Your work and your message are inspiring!

warhammer gold said...

We have the right to do so, we must do it for the sake of our rights we should do