Thursday, May 01, 2008

Worm Bench Inauguration

Several months back, a wonderful crew of volunteers from Skywire helped students at June Jordan to build an amazing worm bin-slash-garden bench (photo below). These worms need a wooden box to protect them from the elements — those plastic bins often aren't enough in the outdoors. We use red worms, also known as Eisenia foetida for worm-composting or vermiculture, in which the worms eat plant waste and turn it into compost.

Today, we introduced a "gaggle" of red worms to their new home (top photo). (what do you call a group of worms??) We inaugurated our worm bin-bench with its new resident worms, and by enjoying the view of the garden from our new perch. Que lindo!

You may be wondering, how can I start a worm bin at home? It's not hard, but it takes patience and persistence to help your worms feel at home and begin doing their job . . . eating your garbage! And turning it into nutrient-rich castings for your garden plants, of course! To learn more about worm composting, start HERE, and then check out Worm Woman!

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Anonymous said...

do you have the specs for this bin - we want to build one at our school!