Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Volunteers Wanted!

Spring is here again, and Urban Sprouts needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to help out in the school garden during class time.

We're also looking for Advisory Board members to help guide and lead our organization as we grow and develop.

School Garden Assistants are needed to:

  • Work with young people during the school day and after school working as they weed, dig beds, plant seeds, water and mulch the school garden.
  • Assist with conducting our evaluation research study.
  • Help plan and staff Salad Days - students serve a school-grown salad bar to the entire student body.
  • Help plan and staff Garden Parties - students host a community celebration that includes garden work, harvesting, cooking, group games and arts activities attended by students, families, teachers and community members.
  • Organize, plan and help build tool sheds, worm boxes and toolboxes.
  • Maintain the garden during the summer and school vacations.
For more information on both positions, click on the "Volunteer Match" icon to the right, or contact us if you'd like details about school locations and schedules. Hope to see you in the garden!