Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Worm Castings Ready to Go!

Here we are at Ida B Wells HS bagging up our fresh, ready to go worm castings! We started our worm bin in Mr. Pierce's class last spring, using a Wriggly Wranch Worm Bin. By October, the worms had filled one level of the worm bin with castings, so we added the next level on top and enticed them to move in by adding fresh (well, moldy, but new) food. Gradually they left behind their old home, and now we can separate out the last few stragglers (they run from the light and bunch together so they're easy to find).

We bagged up the castings into 1.5 pound bags. As soon as the students develop a product name and some instructions, we'll be making the castings available to neighbors, hopefully for sale at a neighborhood store.

We're keeping enough to give our own garden veggies a vitamin boost as well. If they can survive this chilly San Francisco cold snap! It's been freezing at night for the past several nights. We're hoping those greens can hold on!