Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pre-Gopher - For the Record!

For the record, here are the beds we have planted at the June Jordan / SMSE garden so far.

See! No gopher damage! Well, OK, those few empty spots MIGHT be from just a small, snacking gopher. But look at our beautiful straight rows! In case the area is ravaged in a week, the proof is there.

I know, everyone's been telling me we've got to start trapping the little suckers. Any volunteers to help us out??

Look carefully at this sunflower photo.

Can you see why sunflowers are members of the Composite family? The middle yellow part of the sunflower is actually hundreds of tiny flowers, each one with a full set of reproductive parts, and each one makes its own seed. Can you see the ovary of each of the tiny flowers swelling up to turn into the seed? and the ring of tiny petals that makes up each individual flower? Many tiny flowers make up one big composite flower, the sunflower!