Thursday, May 04, 2006

Frying Taters at Ida B

Cooking days can be so relaxing and refreshing. At Ida B this week we cooked up the potatoes we harvested two weeks ago and made colorful french fries in the wok. So hilarious to see the big, tough guys eating pink and purple fries. Many of the ladies as usual showed off their cooking skills. As the potatoes cooked and we had a chance to relax and reflect together, we talked about food, cooking, and other stuff, and the mood was funny, friendly, and pretty special.
As a bonus, we harvested that big artichoke that was waiting for us in the garden. We steamed it up for an entire period before giving up and trying the microwave. Many students had their first taste EVER of that strange, green, thistly vegetable. Others were experts and led the way. A student of Egyptian family background had some particular insights into the enjoyment of artichokes. Is that where artichokes are from? Let's look it up . . . definition and more.