Friday, January 06, 2006

The Gift of Green

Sometimes the darkness of winter gets me down, but this Christmas gift from Urban Sprouts’ friend Jessica to her mom really made my day. Jessica made a gift to Urban Sprouts, dedicating a new garden in honor of her grandma. Jessica’s mom sent me this note after receiving her Christmas gift.
Jess and Sam (Droste Yagan) shared with me their wonderful gift of the addition of a new tier at one of your high school garden beds - in memory of my mother, Dorothy Harris (Jess' grandma). I am truly thrilled about such a meaningful gift (my mom would be delighted as well).

Jess said I need to give thought to a stone for the art students to design, which I will. What a great idea! I sincerely admire your program and all your dedication and hard work. My ultimate goal would be to create a similar program somewhere around here. As this is a rural, agrarian community, the actual vegetable gardening is probably not as meaningful to as many kids, but the value placed on stewardship of the land and sustainable leadership and a spirit of volunteerism among young people is critical no matter where you are in the world - also, the emphasis on wellness and nutrition.

Thank you for your dedication to youth and gardening, and, especially, your commitment to impact positive change in the world - one person at a time. People like you and Jess are indeed making a difference in the world. It makes me feel very proud. I truly can see my mother smiling about a project like yours!

Most sincerely -

Sherry Droste

New Garden Area at Wells H.S.

Wells' art students have a design for ceramic tiles that we'll attach to the fences surrounding the garden, to create garden dedications and memorials. You can add one as part of your donation to Urban Sprouts, of $125, $250 or above.

I have to say it was tough this week, coming back after break to the threat of school closures. But, happily, the sun shined on us in the garden on Wednesday at Ida B. Wells, and four science and art classes relaxed in the sun while pulling weeds, sketching and munching on greens.